Callaghan is the history of a family business. In order to understand the very core of Callaghan, one has to go back to 1968 and the creation of Hergar Group by Basilio García. Visionary and passionate about the footwear industry, he created the Callaghan brand applying all the knowledge and experience he had acquired in the manufacture and design of shoes over the years.

Callaghan was born with a clear business philosophy: to create the best products that would offer unique qualities and performance by using the best skilled workers, latest technologies and innovative materials.
Callaghan’s philosophy and values have been passed on from Mr. Basilio to his sons who have also inherited his enthusiasm about the industry. The García Family with its forward commercial-thinking attitude, international vocation and vision of future continues working to create the most innovative and specialized products.

Thanks to its own strategy of differentiation through research and discovery of new technologies, Callaghan has become one of the leading brands in the world. It success lies in its constant commitment to technological innovation as a way to create differentiated products that blend technology with craftsmanship and comfort with design. Callaghan shoes are set to offer a unique walking experience.

Today, Callaghan is present in the 5 continents and has more that 3,000 points of sale. Sale volume: 1,500,000 pairs of shoes a year. Exports represent the 30%. The growth in recent years amounts to 15% and the investment in Innovation+Design and Communication is more than 10% of the sales volume.