In the Italian dictionary, the word, just pronouncing it profoundly translates a meaning of deep affection, love and... a little bit of lust. And then there’s “Amori”. More directly, a combination of “Amore” and “I”, bringing together the meaning “I, LOVE.”

The women whose crazy about her pair of Amori is that girl who loves walking in style, she’s fresh and definitely SEXY. So put on those sky-high stilettos, comfy platforms, soft leather flats and LOVE!
Amori, inspired by New York. Amori presents a range of fashion & trendy footwear, ranging from structured ballerinas to sky-high pump wedges. Amori collection focuses on the details, piping edges that emphasizes the shape and form, buckles and metal details depicting building and fresh colours of the Spring & Summer trend 2014.

In New York, in this “Concrete Jungle” that never sleep, the Amori collection allow you to being in styles, suitable for you to worn day and night, to work or to party.

Go high-street style with Amori, inspired by the sky-scraping buildings in the big apple, geometric architectures and the modern lifestyle of the 20 millions citizens.